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Africa’s rich natural diversity, is rarely more evident than along the equator. The Great Rift Valley with giant lakes, game filled savannahs, lush equatorial rain forest contrast starkly with the glistening ice caps and snowy reaches of Africa’s highest summits. Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Kenya are the result of ancient volcanic turmoil, although similar in composition, these two 5000m+ mountains hold exciting and varied challenges.

As Africa’s highest peak, Kilimanjaro 5895m is a popular trekking mountain, there are various routes on the mountain and the trek (multi-day hike) to Uhuru the summit is normally completed in 6 or 7 days. All treks are fully porter supported, which means all you carry is a day pack of necessities while following your guide to the glaciers that crown Kilimanjaro.

Mt Kenya provides a greater choice of adventures. The highest trekking peak on the mountain is Pt Lenana- a respectable 4985m above sea level while the twin peaks of Mt Kenya are Nelion 5188m & Batian 5199m, accessible only by technical rock climbing. Fully portered options are available, but if it’s true a wilderness backpacking experience you’re after, then we’ll gladly guide you on a self sufficient Mt Kenya expedition.




The journey to the top of one of Africa’s summits is demanding, climbers need to be physically fit and well prepared. We believe in maximizing your chances of a successful climb by providing:

  • QUALIFIED & EXPERIENCED MOUNTAINEERING GUIDES – who climb Kilimanjaro or Kenya with you.
  • ADVICE – on weather, conditions, rescue procedures, common ailments including altitude sickness & hypothermia
  • TRAINING – To encourage you to train in the mountains we offer GoTrekking Africa‘s Kilimanjaro clients discount on our other South African adventures.
  • GEAR – Professional advice on gear for the trek.
  • ACCLIMATISATION – All routes guided by GoTrekking Africa include an extra day for acclimatization. We also offer pre-climb acclimatisation treks on nearby mountains or the Drakensberg mountains in South Africa.